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Tausala began in May, 1998 in the two bedroom apartment of Oliva and Fina Schwenke in Tempe, Arizona. The intention of beginning this Samoan-based group was to bring attention to the grace, beauty and excitement of Samoan dance and Samoan dancers. With six Samoan young ladies ages 12 to 15, Tausala began.

Oliva and Fina held regular practices in their tiny apartment, or at a local park in up to 110 degree weather.

To raise money for costumes and music, the young group held car washes during the grueling Arizona summers. Tausala has grown to what it is today, a professional performing group of 15 male and female dancers that has performed in the Arizona Aloha Festival, the Las Vegas Ho'olaulea, the Gardena, California Ho'olaulea, Channel 3 Good Morning Arizona, and FOX news. The group performs regularly for corporate , hotels, weddings, and civic events.

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